Bonsoir Catin: Light the Stars


Bonsoir Catin: Light the Stars


Released in 2014

Since Bonsoir, Catin burst upon the folk music scene in 2005, they have been rocking Louisiana dancehalls and festivals with their fresh Cajun sound that is a unique blend of ancient ballads, dancehall era gems, swamp pop stylings, and rock n’ roll blues. The Bonsoir, Catin sound rides a wave rhythm, a pulse, an under the skin sensation, a heartbeat. Their newest recording to date, Light the Stars, is a collection of fresh, evocative new Cajun music that pushes the limits of imagination and form.

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Sample Tracks


  1. Moi l’aime une petite fille
  2. Marais Bouleur
  3. Jours si longs
  4. C’est pas eux-autres à dire
  5. Baby, Please Don’t Go
  6. Je vais jamais faire ça
  7. Faut tu voir
  8. Un seul regret
  9. Hackberry Two-Step
  10. Freetown Breakdown
  11. Personne que toi
  12. Revelation Two-Step
  13. Tu parles de trop

Bonsoir Catin

Kristi Guillory – Accordion, Vocals
Christine Balfa – Guita, Vocals
Yvette Landry – Bass, Vocals
Anya Burgess – Fiddle, Vocals
Maegan Berard – Electric Guitar, Vocals
Danny Devilier – drums, t-fer, vibraphone 

Links: Bonsoir Catin website

Additional Musicians
Callie Guidry, Maegan Berard and Laura Huval – backing vocals on Jours si longs, Jamais faire ça and Faut tu voir
Kelli Jones-Savoy, Danny Devillier and Maegan Berard – gang vocals on Baby, Please Don’t Go
Joel Savoy – harmony fiddle on Une Seul Regret, acoustic guitar on The Revelation Two-Step
Kelli Jones-Savoy – tambourine on Faut tu voir and Revelation Two-step
Maegan Berard – bass on Faut tu voir
Danny Devillier – vibraphone on Je vais jamais faire ça and Moi l’aime une petite fille
Eric Adcock – Hammond B-3 organ on Faut tu voir

Sweet Cecila is: Callie Guidry, Laura Huval and Maegan Berard

This album is dedicated to the memory of Al “Pyook” Berard. Peace on Earth and Love.