Cajun Accordion Kings (and the Queen)

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Cajun Accordion Kings (and the Queen)


Released in 2017

Produced by Steve Riley and Joel Savoy

"Listening to these recordings, I hear the ghosts of our music and our culture’s past, haunting and beautiful at the same time. Each player here has a left a huge huge imprint on Cajun music as bandleaders, songwriters, accordionists and even accordion makers.

As producer of this project it was medicine for my soul to watch and listen as these iconic players sat down in the living rooms of old Cajun homes, with no accompaniment, and played the instrument and the music that, like myself, they grew up loving as children. Every player a master, effortlessly and soulfully playing one of their favorite Cajun songs on their most loved instrument.

This record, expertly recorded by Joel Savoy, will take you back to another world and a simpler time. Enjoy the ride!"

—Steve Riley

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Sample Tracks

Tracks and Players

  1. Walter Mouton - Catherine
  2. Marc Savoy - One-Step de Chameaux
  3. Jesse Lége - The Heartbreak Waltz
  4. Carl Hollier - The Crowley Two-Step
  5. Jo-El Sonnier - La Valse de Chere Mama
  6. Steve Riley - The Marc Savoy Medley
  7. Robert Jardell - Jolie Blonde
  8. Jason Frey - Wild John
  9. Bruce Daigrepont - Nonc Willie
  10. Jimmy Breaux - The Iota Two-Step
  11. Wayne Toups - La Valse de Grand Chemin
  12. Errol Verret - La Talle de Ronces
  13. Ray Abshire - The Waltz of No Return
  14. Paul Daigle - Johnny Can’t Dance
  15. Sheryl Cormier - The Family Waltz (Russell Cormier - Vocal)
  16. Dirk Powell - La Valse a Frank Roi