Bonsoir, Catin: L'aurore


Bonsoir, Catin: L'aurore


Produced by Joel Savoy and Kristi Guillory

Bonsoir- n. goodnight Catin-n. f. 1. doll 2. sweetheart
Evocative, creative, strong, feminine, thoughtful, smart, sexy.

We're proud to share with the world another release by our favorite incredibly talented Cajun dudettes (and dude) – Bonsoir, Catin! L'Aurore is a provactive and innovative take on Cajun music conventions, and is destined to grow the band's reputation for mixing and creating styles in a way that get's under your skin and into your heart, and sometimes makes you cut a rug.

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Sample Tracks


L’amour, l’amour  
Dans mon coeur
La delaissée
‘Tite ange
Si loin
Je t’oublie
J’ai vu Lucille
All Night Long
Cher minoux
Marier en secret
Squirrel Song


Kristi Guillory - accordion, vocals
Christine Balfa - acoustic guitar, vocals
Anya Burgess - fiddle, vocals
Maegan Berard - electric guitar, vocals
Ashley Hayes - bass guitar, vocals
Daniel Devillier - drums, percussion, vibraphone, bells, vocals

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