Bonsoir Catin: Vive L'amour


Bonsoir Catin: Vive L'amour


Released in 2008

Bonsoir Catin’s first project with Valcour, Vive L’Amour demonstrates the sound that separates this band from all the rest. Their haunting and melodic approach to Cajun and country music has established an entirely new sound in the Louisiana music repertoire, and we are all better for it.

“Beautiful songs aside, the Catins are also just plain fun.”
– Dan Willging, offBeat Magazine

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Sample Tracks

“Good friends sharing lead singing—even bringing in songs for another to sing (listening to the wisdom of elders, too…Ginny Hawker: “Yvette, this is a song you have to sing with these girls” or a great great great grandfather’s letter to a dying daughter turning into a song)—real music.

These friends honor their roots, carrying their ancestors as naturally as they carry their own children—and while they honor the past, they are not slaves to the past—combining Cajun, country, bawdy powerful woman blues, old time—this is not exactly their grandmother’s music; but, it is their grandmother’s spirit—real women.

If you need your music women propped up on high heels, paint-n-powder—you’re s.o.l. here—they clearly prefer to wear the same boots on stage, or dancing, as wa;king through the workd—real women/realmusic.”

- Darrell Scott

Bonsoir Catin
Kristi Guillory – Accordion, Vocals
Christine Balfa – Guita, Vocals
Yvette Landry – Bass, Vocals
Anya Burgess – Fiddle, Vocals

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