Doug Kershaw & Steve Riley:
Face to Face


Doug Kershaw & Steve Riley:
Face to Face


Released in 2014

Imagine two of Cajun music’s most prolific ambassadors sitting down across from each other in a small, cozy room, making music together for the very first time. The performance, the repertoire, and even the instruments are timeless – filling the room instantly with a joyous, spontaneous  energy that is remniscent of the historic recordings of Cajun masters Amédé Ardoin, Dennis McGee, and Amédé Breaux. Brought together by a shared affinity for vintage Cajun accordions, Doug Kershaw and Steve Riley are captured here for their first time in a duo setting to pay tribute to the old masters who first introduced their music to the world in the 1920s. The result is simply magical.

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I never left my Cajun roots. I took them around the world with me and we have reached unbelievable heights. After seventy eight years I brought them home. Steve Riley and Joel Savoy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for welcoming us back home.
- Doug Kershaw

It was a delight to bring these fabulous old songs to life on these instruments so rich with Cajun music history and to do it with one of Cajun music’s most legendary musicians!  Doug Kershaw has taken his Cajun roots farther than just about anyone I know!  It was good to bring him home! Thanks to Joel Savoy for capturing it all in the perfect vibe of his lil studio in the country in Savoy, LA! Enjoy tout le monde!
- Steve Riley


  1. Petite ou la grosse
  2. J’ai une Bonne Femme
  3. Jolie Blonde
  4. Saute Crapaud
  5. Crowley Two-Step
  6. Louisiana Man
  7. Midnight Waltz
  8. Mon Chapeau
  9. Feed It To The Fish
  10. Evangline Waltz
  11. Chère Mom
  12. Lake Arthur Stomp