Joel Savoy's Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round


Joel Savoy's Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round


Released in 2013

Valcour’s own Joel Savoy has been at the forefront of the roots music scene in Acadiana since his teens and as a result he has become part of a growing community of young musicians across the country who are asking for more out of their radio than commercial stations provide.

On his new release, he offers a view into Acadiana’s own vintage country scene, showcasing the incredible talents of many of his peers who are oftentimes associated more with the dominant tradition in the area, Cajun music.

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Sample Tracks

Anna Laura Edmiston (Feufollet), Courtney Granger (Pine Leaf Boys), Kelli Jones-Savoy (Feufollet), and Linzay Young (Red Stick Ramblers) are just a few of the singers “sitting in” with the all-star band on this album and they’re sure to have you dusting off your cowboy boots and stepping back into a simpler, twangy-er time.

Artists Featured by Track

 1. Joel Savoy – She’s My Five Foot Five
2. Kelli Jones-Savoy – Let’s Elope Baby
3. Linzay Young – Four Walls
4. Courtney Granger – You’re Still on My Mind
5. Kelli Jones-Savoy and Emma Young – No Letter Today
6. The Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round with Chas Justus – One Swell Foop
7. Anna Laura Edmiston – Livin’ on Memories of You
8. Wilson Savoy – The Color of the Blues
9. Yvette Landry – Honky Tonk Angels
10. Kelli Jones-Savoy and Emma Young – Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round
11. Chas Justus – Miss the Mississippi and You


Joel Savoy – Electric Guitar and Electric Mandolin, Fiddle Harmonies except on Miss the Mississippi and You, Vocal on She’s My Five Foot Five
David Greely – Fiddle
Rose Sinclair – Steel
Daniel Coolik – Acoustic Guitar
Eric Frey – Bass, Harmony Vocal on Four Walls
Glenn Fields – Drums

Kelli Jones-Savoy sings harmony on Honky Tonk Angels and She’s My Five Foot Five. Emma Young sings harmony on Four WallsYou’re Still on My Mind and Let’s Elope Baby. Wilson Savoy also plays piano on Color of the Blues and Chas Justus plays guitar on Miss the Mississippi and You and One Swell Foop.