Kristi Guillory & Anya Burgess


Kristi Guillory & Anya Burgess


Released in 2014

Kristi Guillory and Anya Burgess, of the group Bonsoir, Catin have shared a love of old and crooked Cajun tunes for since they first started playing music together in 2005. The girls have teamed up as a fiddle/accordion/guitar duo and perform a unique repertoire of some of the oldest recorded Cajun songs of the 1920s and 1930s from players like Bixy Guidry, Slim Doucet and Adam and Cyprien Landreneau, and Leo Soileau. 

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Sample Tracks

Kristi Guillory became a child prodigy of accordion in the early 1990s and has since earned her place among the modern masters. Kristi worked as the first archivist at the Archives of Cajun and Creole Folklore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Francophone Studies and master’s degree in Folklore Studies. Kristi is currently on faculty in the Traditional Music department at UL where she teaches courses in accordion, vocals and Cajun and Creole music history.

Anya Burgess first fell in love with Cajun fiddling by listening to older recordings of masters that played tunes before the modern standardized versions. She was first introduced to violin making by Otis Tomas of St. Ann’s Bay. She worked with Tomas intermittently for several years until she was inspired to pursue violin making as a career. Anya’s formal training as a luthier is from the University of Indiana.


  1. Grosse Mama
  2. Belle of Pointe Claire
  3. High Ball
  4. Valse de Pointe Noire
  5. Contredanse Française
  6. Valse des pins
  7. Two-step de platin
  8. Hack à Moreau
  9. Quelqu’un qu’est jaloux
  10. Un matin de mai
  11. Waxia Special
  12. Valse de soleil couche
  13. Je va’s jouer cela pour toi