The Cajun Country Revival:
The Right Combination


The Cajun Country Revival:
The Right Combination


Released in 2011

Louisiana music traditions have always blended well with country, blues, gospel, pop, swing, jazz, bluegrass and old time. Its like adding cayenne pepper to a decent dish – it gives it the extra kick to push it over the top.

The latest project from Jesse Lége, Joel Savoy and a few of their Portland Oregon friends is no exception. In ways these tracks are like a trip back to the progressive country rockers of the 1970s, while in other ways they represent an exciting new twist on the trend of modernized Cajun music we are witnessing in Acadiana today.

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From Joel:
“I feel that the best music is made by friends- people making music together because they want to be together and they want to share the experience of creating something unique and spontaneous, something that will never be done exactly the same way again. As I sit here in my little studio out in the country finishing up these mixes I’m thinking to myself that we did a darn good job of capturing that spirit. We went in to this with no pre-conceived ideas. About half the songs didn’t even get a full run through before we hit record! It’s honest and pure. We tracked this the week before the Red Stick Ramblers’ Black Pot Festival and it seems that the excitement that was in the air made it’s way into the mics. I hope that you put this record on and just smile. That’s all I want, just smile and be happy and know that this record was made the same way. We had so much fun making it and we’re proud to share it with you. I hope you can feel that as you listen to it. Turn it up and let it all hang out- as far as I can tell, that’s what it’s all about.”

Musicians appearing on this album
Jesse Lége – Accordion and Vocals
Joel Savoy – Fiddle
Caleb Klauder – Vocals, Guitar and Triangle
Sammy Lind – Guitar, Fiddle and Vocals
Nadine Landry – Bass and Vocals
Paul Brainard – Electric Guitar and Steel Guitar
Ned Folkerth – Drums
Eric Frey – Bass on Corina


  1. Ouvre la porte
  2. Wondering
  3. Courville s Fetish
  4. Tippy Toeing
  5. Debut dans la porte
  6. Les poules ne pondent pas
  7. La valse d’Evangeline
  8. The Right Combination
  9. S’en aller sur l’Courtableau
  10. ‘Tit monde
  11. Corina

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joel Savoy at Studio SavoyFaire in Eunice, LA, on October 26 and 27.

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Thanks to Wes Dooley at AEA for the two beautiful R84s used on this recording!