The Figs


The Figs


Released in 2007

What began as a garage jam session for a group of Lafayette, LA girls who “weren’t musicians” (including the late, beloved Jillian Johnson) quickly became a harmony-focused clunky little band, taking their place among the vanguard of Lafayette roots rockers. With guitar, bass, drums, ukulele and banjo, these girls made the old new again, playing sassy swing, melancholy old-time, and romping old country tunes.

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Sample Tracks


  1. Rollin' Down South (Jillian Johnson, Tasso Loop Music)
  2. 3/4 (Sarah Gray, Tasso Loop Music)
  3. Little Birdie/ East Virginia Blues (Trad. Arr. The Figs, Tasso Loop Music)
  4. Daddy's Gone to Knoxville (M. Knopfler, Almo Music Corp.)
  5. Transcendental Baby (Sarah Gray, Tasso Loop Music)
  6. Spoonin' in the twilight (Paige Pemberton and Sarah Gray, Tasso Loop Music)
  7. I'm so Tired (Sarah Gray, Tasso Loop Music)
  8. Live and Let Live (Walker and Sullivan, Peer International Corp.)
  9. Brown's Ferry Blues (A. Delmore, Red River Songs Inc.)
  10. Cross That Bridge (Josh Caffery, arr. The Figs and Joel Savoy, Irish Bend Publishing and Tasso Loop Music)
  11. Fall on my Knees (Trad. Arr. The Figs, Tasso Loop Music)
  12. Pretending is a Game (Davis Twins, Fort Knox Music Inc., Trio Music Inc.)


Sarah Gray- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Caroline Helm- Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Jillian Johnson- Tenor Ukulele, Vocals
Claire Oliver- Banjo, Vocals
Paige Pemberton- Drums and Percussion, Vocals, Harmonica
Melissa and Cal Stevenson- Electric Bass, Vocals

Special Guest

Alan Lafleur- Upright Bass


Produced by Steve Riley
3/4 and Cross That Bridge produced by Joel Savoy
Executive Producer: Joel Savoy
Recorded by Joel Savoy at the home of Bruce Gray and at Feufollet Studios in Lafayette.
Mixed by Joel Savoy