Various Artists: Allons Boire un Coup


Various Artists: Allons Boire un Coup


It’s not particularly interesting or important that people in Southern Louisiana like to drink. Of utter importance, however, are the wild and sometimes strange things they do when they drink and party together, and the soulful, brilliant way they transform these activities into song.

We hope this album is a good example of both.

- Producer Joshua Clegg Caffery

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Sample Tracks

Valcour Records would like to thank Debbie Fleming Caffery for allowing us to use her internationally revered photography on the front and inside covers of the cd packaging.

Tracks and Performers (Titles spelled as licensed):
1. Allons Boire un Coup

Joel Savoy, Linzay Young, Richard Burgess

2. Whiskey C’est Mon Ami

3. Mon Bon Vieux Mari
Anna Laura Edmiston

4. La Bouteille a Ruiné Ma Vie
The Lost Bayou Ramblers

5. La Valse du Bambocheur
Courtney Granger and Friends

6. Si J’aurais des Ailes
Ann and Joel Savoy

7. Drunkard’s Dream

8. Table Ronde
Cedric Watson

9. Pine Grove Blues
The Pine Leaf Boys

10. One Scotch, One Burbon, One Beer

11. La Jog a Plombeau
Cedric Watson

12. Blues du Saoulard
The Red Stick Ramblers

13. Drunkard’s Waltz
Joel Savoy

14. Quand J’étais Vaillante
Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine

15. Parlez-Nous à Boire
Chris Stafford

16. Rye Whiskey
The Lost Bayou Ramblers