It's that time of year


It’s festival time again in southwest Louisiana! 

Fall is just around the corner- the mornings are getting cooler and all of Acadiana is eager to celebrate the end of summer with Festivals Acadiens et Creoles. Here at Valcour headquarters we too are ready for festival season and the inevitable winding down of the year that brings us together with friends and family for the holidays. 

So much has happened this year! As I type this I’m listening to the final mixes for the fourth part of our milestone project, Rediscovering Lomax in the Evangeline Country: twenty four tracks recorded and mixed over the last 18 months featuring a very big handful of Acadiana’s finest artists. After a year and half working on it, it’s hard to believe that this project is just about wrapped up and that our tenth year in business is drawing to a close. I certainly hope you’ve all enjoyed it and I want to thank you all for your support over these last ten years- we couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

As we gear up for celebration I think it’s important for us to take a moment to remember that we are not just a bunch of individual creatures roaming around. We are all connected to this world and to each other and there’s no escaping that. Those that have come before and those that will come after- we’re all part of one marvelous thing called life and it’s too easy for us to forget that as we go through it looking at phones, computers and TVs. Let’s take a moment to think about this so that we can be a little more forgiving next time someone takes to long in the checkout line or someone drives too slow in the fast lane. Let’s take a moment also to remember all the dear friends we lost this year because in doing so, they will live on within us. Mr. Milton Vanicor who at age 94 was still always ready to sing and play any Iry LeJeune song. That big teddy bear of a guy, Carl Fontenot, who seemed to personally absorb and erase all of your troubles when you were around him. And then there’s one of the most creative people this area has ever known, dear Jillian Johnson, who’s work will continue to delight and inspire us for eternity. Think about those that you have lost and let’s remember these friends and keep them in our hearts. Let’s all make an effort to be just a little bit nicer and a little bit more compassionate to our fellow human beings. We don’t have to act the way the media seems to want us to- we don’t have to fight and steal and destroy. Let’s love and create and be the best version of ourselves! 

Happy festival, y’all! Be safe and be proud of your LOUISIANE, MUSIQUE and CULTURE!