Oh, Maw-Maw

Maw-maw, ma-ma, me-me, me-maw. We who have had them cherish them. They are special. They are our matriarchs and the beating heart of our family. The archetype of the Cajun & Creole grandmother is one that is fading. Valcour's Lucius Fontenot wants to photograph and document as many as he can in the next year. Not only to create portraits that honor them but to hear their stories, which in the end are our stories. You can help with this project. Nominate your maw-maw or someone else's maw-maw by contacting Lu. Each will receive an 8x10 for their time. 

Lu's previous project focused on photographs and stories about Hitachi rice cookers - the standard for a generation of Cajun cooks and homemakers that defined the way rice "should" taste. HIs study was captured in this story with Lafayette Travel.