Fais Do Do: Louisiana Lullabies

Today is the first day it actually feels like Fall in Louisiana, and you know what that means- it’s festival season!

This year, Festivals Acadiens et Creoles is dedicated to all the women in Cajun music, but here at Valcour we wanted to single out two ladies who have had an enormous impact on not only Cajun culture, but on the lives of many of the Valcour recording artists, including Valcour Records co-founder Joel Savoy. Performing together for nearly 40 years while raising their families in southwest Louisiana, Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine (of the GRAMMY-Nominated Magnolia Sisters) continue to raise the bar in the fields of collecting, documenting and re-inventing obscure vintage songs and ballads from the Louisiana Cajun and Creole French tradition. Both singers and multi-instrumentalists, as well as folklorists, educators, authors, and visual artists, Ann and Jane are the most dynamic of duos in Cajun music and we are proud to welcome them to the Valcour family with their new release, Fais Do Do: Louisiana Lullabies.

Their first project together in a number of years, Louisiana Lullabies is not just for putting your kids to sleep! Ann and Jane have literally scoured the archives to compile this unique collection of vintage children’s songs, ballads, and lullabies which features 18 songs on a CD packaged in an attractive 28-page 8.5” x 8.5” bound book complete with lyrics and translations, music transcriptions and guitar chords. It’s perfect for learning some new songs, or for sharing with friends for sing-alongs. It’s also the perfect gift for all those friends having babies right now! Pre-Order your copy now, guaranteed to ship before November 29th.

- Joel Savoy