Feufollet: Baby's on Fire


Feufollet: Baby's on Fire


Limited edition vinyl single! Featuring full color artwork by Lafayette artist Connor Broussard and randomly-colored vinyls - each one is different! While supplies last...

Feufollet is Americana at it’s finest— reverential but wholly nonconformists. The young and vibrant southwest Louisiana band takes Cajun and honky-tonk music as their starting point, and keeps an open mind about where their song craft will lead them.

Inspired by the recent stream of DJs in New Orleans spinning 45s of Louisiana music’s timeless standards, Feufollet has created a soon to be jukebox classic.  On side A Brian Eno’s “Baby’s On Fire” gets a psychedelic, nouveau zydeco makeover, à la Keith Frank. Side B takes the vintage “Clair de la lune”, written by Cajun legend Vin Bruce, into a new wave second line two-step to complete the voyage into their cosmic Cajun dance land. 

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Chris Stafford: Vocals, Accordion, Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Kelli Jones-Savoy: Vocals, Fiddle, Acoustic Guitar

Andrew Toups: Keyboards

Mike Stafford: Drums

Philippe Billeaudeaux: Bass